JAUME Labro MokuMe Gane

Mokume Gane jewellery is made with metals bonded using the ancient Japanese samurai sword making technique called Mokume Gane.  Jaume Labro, a company in Japan, uses precious metals like gold, platinum and silver to produce a unique range of jewellery using this time honoured technique. 

Quantum Design Ltd is New Zealand’s distributor for this beautiful range.

A true Mokume Gane ring has a unique artistry behind the piece.   The connection of two or more elements, metal or paths, are totally represented in a mokume wedding bands.

Each of the mokume wedding bands is a marriage of metals; there is not a better choice to represent love and commitment for a wedding ring

At Labro they customize each of their rings for each client. Through the layers of gold, platinum, palladium and silver previously bonded into a mokume gane billet they hand forge and carve through the layers to the show up the wood grain like metal.

Because they use many different colours of gold, with strategic carving and their years of experience, they craft your ring to create a pattern rich in colors that is totally unique, just for you. Labro mokume gane is always one-of-a-kind and they are the true opposite of mass-production.

To view more of the Labro Mokume Gane range follow this link: https://www.jaumelabro.com